Finally, a simple static desktop web server.

Because simple stuff shouldn't need Apache, IIS, or NGINX.

Available for Windows and Mac.
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Develop locally. Demo publicly. Done effortlessly.

Fenix is for developers and designers working with static sites. Skip the infrastructure headaches. It's beautifully simple.

Servead-hoc static web servers

Work on multiple sites simultaneously. Serve any number of HTTP projects side by side with Fenix.

ListenExamine webhook payloads

Fenix serves and receives. View JSON, XML, and other webhook payloads with the request browser.

CommandManage Fenix from the command line

Create, stop, start, and share Fenix servers from the command line with the free Node.js console app.

MockupUse data stubs in interactive sites

Create interactive web interfaces with .json or .xml files. No more Apache/IIS/NGINX needed for CORS!

CollaborateDemo local work-in-progress online

Turn your desktop into a public web server by sharing a link. Let collaborators/reviewers "touch and feel" the site.

ProtectControlled access, secured with SSH

Control access to your work by turning on/off sharing at any time. Public sharing is tunneled through SSH (i.e. HTTPS).

How it Works

Simple works. We made simple web servers. See for Yourself.

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Did we mention Fenix is open source?

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Main Features

Simple Ad-hoc Web Servers.

Manage evereything through a simple GUI.

  • Run Multiple Web Servers
  • Point & Click Controls
  • Autodetect Open Ports
  • Color coded status
  • Autoupdated Site Thumbnails
  • Markdown Rendering
  • Growl Support
  • SSH Firewall Traversal
  • Lightweight
  • Save Sites Automatically
  • Installer & Uninstaller Included
  • GPL License
  • Request Bin Included (See Below)
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Request Browsing

Two-way Communication. Examine real webhook payloads. See How.

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Request Browser

Simple Webhook Handler.

Examine the actual data your apps use.

  • Receive any HTTP Request
  • Available offline
  • Toggle request headers
  • Pretty-print JSON & XML
  • Color coded & Time stamped
  • Growl support
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Command and Conquer

Control servers from the command line too! Watch Now.

npm install -g fenix-cli
fenix list

Fenix Website [on]
  - C:\Users\Me\Documents\sites\Fenix
Demo Server [off]
  - C:\Users\Me\Documents\sites\demo

Console App

Simple Commands.

Always buried in the console? No problem.

  • "In-Directory" Commands
  • Start/Stop
  • Share/Unshare
  • List Servers
  • Node.js-based
  • Growl Support
npm install -g fenix-cli

Requires node.js

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